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Scout Weekend OST vol. 5: New music drops you need on your radar


Imagine your Saturday night watching movies without piles of backlogs, trying new snack recipes you found while doomscrolling on TikTok, and finally reading the book you impulsively bought. Sounds relaxing and ideal, right? 

Romanticizing your weekends can be fun to try sometimes. And by this, we also mean creating the soundtrack to your life.

If you’re looking for something to resonate with your spirit, we’ve created a new playlist for you, filled with tracks freshly released from the past weeks. Feel free to take your pick according to your mood.

“Midnight Rain” by (Dr.) Taylor Swift

After years (yes, a year and 10 months is long) of absorbing her “Evermore” album, productivity queen Taylor Swift has blessed us with another masterpiece with a pinch of gloomy melodies. Coming from TS10 “Midnights” is “Midnight Rain,” which amplifies the atmosphere of our not-so-favorite late-night visitor: sadness. Here’s proof: “Cause he was sunshine, I was midnight rain… He wanted it comfortable, I wanted that pain.” I didn’t need to be called out in the middle of work, but here I am.

“Magnet” by BGYO

To cap off your week with a good headspace, the Aces of P-Pop are back to serve us with electric energies mixed with poetic love themes in their newest release. Its falsetto tricks magnetize you to their catchy sweet nothings. FYI, BGYO’s newest album, “BE: US,” is coming this Nov. 3.

“Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend” by Joan

Wrapping your head around Joan’s new song, it’s safe to say that it saves you from the “Can we still be friends?” zone. The song itself is pretty straightforward, but it frees you from unrequited love.

“Out Of My System” by Louis Tomlinson

Just in case you need motivation this weekend—like, you know, getting up from bed—Louis Tomlinson’s “Out Of My System” hints at acting with a li’l bravery. Take this as a sign to let your capabilities shine.

“Grapefruit” by Tove Lo

[Trigger warning: Mentions of body image struggles.]

Tove Lo’s “Grapefruit” voices one of her teenage struggles: being trapped in a body she hated. But alongside her emotionally charged music video is a deep confession. “I had to find the right way to share the feelings and the vicious circle of behavior I was stuck in… I’m gonna let the song speak for itself now,” she writes in the description. Being an icon that she is, she dedicates her new song to all who have been and will have the same battle.

“Ur Man” by Jason Dhakal

Here’s a new sultry piece to get you soulfully vibing in your room. Jason Dhakal’s “Ur Man” offers a snapshot of longing for affection through his intimate vocals and groovy soundscape. This sensual track also comes with a steamy MV to add to your mood. Just so you know, this was produced by Lustbass and written by Jason himself.

“Always Been You” by James Reid

Fresh from his sophomore album “lovescene:,” James Reid’s “Always Been You” left fans recalling their favorite memories from the JaDine era, especially after he himself revealed that the track was written with Nadine Lustre in mind. The song seems to unload confessions and late realizations, and is masked with an upbeat, danceable sound. This track  could play as anyone’s closure—or maybe even a new beginning—anthem.

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