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The 2022 outfits the Scout team would cop


In 2021, our dream ‘fits lived forever in our carts, as we thought we might not need them since we’ve been cooped up in our homes. Well, big thanks to our favorite icons, mixing and matching pieces became one of our unexpected hobbies in 2022 (that also fills our main character agenda). 

For this round of Scout Recap, we compiled our top-tier fashion moments in 2022 that served us a wardrobe redemption.

Stephanie Hsu’s closet in “Everything Everywhere All At Once”

Remember Cher Horowitz’s computer closet from “Clueless”? I wish I had that, but with Jobu Tupaki’s costumes. The plaid extravaganza, bedazzled jumpsuit, goth glam, trippy teddy bear-sleeved hoodie, and Bagel Universe Jobu’s white dress, among others. It’s a maximalist, layers-on-layers heaven that definitely added depth to the antagonist. Shirley Kurata’s designs are the kind of chaos I aspire to have. – Jelou, associate editor

Timothée Chalamet at the 2022 Academy Awards

There could be 100 male celebrities in a room and 99 of them are wearing boring tuxedos, but all it takes is one sans-shirt Timothée Chalamet and it just changes your whole life. Chalamet shocked (in a good way) the world when he posed for the cameras in a cropped sequined black suit from Louis Vuitton, fully rewriting the red carpet dress code in the future. – Yel, Designer

Jennie’s off-duty looks

People often admire Blackpink’s Jennie for her glamorous designer ensembles on stage. Have you seen her off-duty ’fits, though? It took me a while to figure out her signature style as she likes to experiment—but it’s a mix of effortless casual and street with a distinct touch of avant-garde. Many trends come and go throughout the year, but her style always adapts to suit the look du jour. (And when she wears something new or eccentric, she makes it trend in a snap.) – Kleo, junior content creator

Jules’ school ‘fits in “Euphoria” Season 2

IDK if it’s just me, but Jules’ (Hunter Schafer) school outfits are the bomb yet comfy. Hands down to her staple pleated skirts, loose shirts, and pastel crop tops, completing her look with her flamboyant character. Not to mention her *chef’s kiss* eye makeup too. For real, I wish I had romanticized my school days with those ‘fits. – Justine, junior content creator

Aki Hayakawa’s Public Safety Devil Hunter Suit and Tie in “Chainsaw Man”

Yeah, sure, it’s a plain suit and tie. But once you stumble upon this guy, all cursed devils will vanish in a blink of an eye. NGL, him slaying devils in this wardrobe gave off a more badass boss vibe. Pair it with his staple top-knot hairstyle, a katana at the back, and old plain sneakers. – Mikey, multimedia artist

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Art banner by Yel Sayo

Photos from AFP, and Jennie Kim and Stephanie Hsu’s IG



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