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The best bingeable series of 2022, according to the Scout team

In recent years, TV series have had limitations due to the current state of the world. We’ve seen our favorite actors in lock-in tapings, witnessed creators reimagine the Zoom call concept for stories over and over, and saw how production teams maximized available resources to deliver quality stories. Luckily, easing up the quarantine protocols was the real game changer of this year, mainly for directors looking for more reasons to serve us more series. After repeating our watchlists, 2022 proved to be a sea of change. Among these fresh options, which series resonated with our current state of mind?

For this edition of Scout Recap, we present our top bingeable series of the year, from dark fantasy series to future Asian classics.


Dir. Tim Burton

Think CW teen drama wrapped in a gothic Addams family packaging, Tim Burton’s “Wednesday” is a fresh take on a murder mystery and a departure from failed reboots we’ve seen in previous years. Jenna Ortega fitting into the iconic Halloween character with ease cements her as this generation’s scream queen. – Yel, designer


Dirs. Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle

Meanwhile at the futuristic Lumon HQ, employees’ work memories are “surgically divided” from their personal ones. While the concept itself is horrifying enough, “Severance” also thrives in its eerie direction, mysterious characters, and a production design so engrossing that it suffocates and sucks you into a workplace satire full of mind games. – Jelou, associate editor

“The Sandman”

Dirs. Jamie Childs, Andrés Baiz, Louise Hooper, Mairzee Almas, Mike Barker, Coralie Fargeat, and Hisko Hulsing

If you enjoy dark fantasy storytelling, you’ll definitely be fascinated by Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman.” Mind-boggling and magical, it’s easy to get hooked with each episode’s twists and turns. While the show’s retelling welcomed changes from the novel series, those tweaked details helped in visualizing and making more sense out of the characters and events. – Mikey, multimedia artist

“First Love”

Dir. Yuri Kanchiku

Romantic dramas aren’t my cup of tea, but “First Love” is one of my few exceptions. Its cross-generational and slow-burn romance, clear-cut storytelling, relatable characters, and interesting insights on family, friendship, and career make it one hell of a binge. From the opening scene down to the protagonist’s final line, there’s something about this show that sinks its claws into you and refuses to let go. – Kleo, junior content creator

“All of Us Are Dead”

Dir. Lee Jae-kyoo

A zombie flick in a classroom setting? “All of Us Are Dead” has it all. On top of playing up a life-and-death sitch, the 12-episode series is a perfect picture of how it tackled issues of bullying, the critical role of (and issues with) authority, and dealing with friendships (yes, I’m talking to you, Lee Na-yeon). Trust us, it’s worth your screen time. – Justine, junior content creator

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Art by Yel Sayo

Stills from “Wednesday,” “The Sandman,” and “All of Us Are Dead”


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