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Teen Returns Chris Hemsworth’s Wallet, Gets $10,000

Teen Returns Chris Hemsworth’s Wallet, Gets $10,000

Next time you find a wallet full of cash, you may want to seriously consider returning that thing intact, especially if it belongs to a celebrity.

Tristin Budzyn-Baker, a teenager from Los Angeles, learned this lesson the good way after he found actor Chris Hemsworth’s wallet. Thor was dining at a restaurant and inadvertently left it on the table. He let it go, thinking he was never gonna see it again.

Tristin had other plans, though—he contacted Chris’s people and told them he had his wallet, and all he wanted in exchange were tickets to an Ellen taping Chris was going to be on. They obliged, his whole family got to go to the show, and they were in for a surprise: Chris gave him the money in the wallet (amounting to a little under $500), a recommendation for a promotion to Eagle Scout (Tristin was a Boy Scout), and Ellen shelled out an extra $10,000.


Not a bad haul at all for returning one wallet.

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