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All the reasons why you should go to SCOUT GENERAL PUBLIC

All the reasons why you should go to SCOUT GENERAL PUBLIC

You know what sucks? Being a millennial or Gen Z-er who’s stuck with the burden of having explain why we act the way we do. They call us mayabang, malaki ulo, or weird at the very least. And it sucks for everyone, because the burden is weighing on every youth in every corner of every street, everywhere.

Being young right now is being rebellious. We have no time to explain why they’re wrong. Unlike what they say, we don’t have all the time in the world. But we do have the world in our hands, at least for the time being. We’re what’s next. We’re the next attraction. It’s our turn. So instead of crossing our arms, planting our feet firmly on the ground, and arguing with the rest of the world, we walk away and continue being ourselves.

Enter SCOUT GENERAL PUBLIC: our celebration of our inner rebel, and our biggest party yet. Inspired by D.I.Y. movements, the “tropical vernacular,” and the various communities and subcultures we’ve observed and explored, SCOUT GENERAL PUBLIC isn’t anything you’ve seen before. Get your tickets right here.

Scout has always been about sharing the best thing about being young, and these days it means being progressive, interdisciplinary, and a little bit restless. We’re going to channel the same kind of energy in our 4th anniversary, and we want you to be both witness and partner in making all of this happen.

Why? We list down the reasons:

1. We’re having it in a different venue

First off, we’re having our 4th anniversary party in a warehouse. With a different venue for the very first time, the possibilities for creating the perfect party are nearly endless.

Remember all the things you associate when you think of our anniversary parties. Then forget all of it. SCOUT GENERAL PUBLIC is going to be something else. And it starts with a different space.

2. The more friends the merrier

We’re not just throwing a party for kicks. We’re celebrating our 4th anniversary, and we’re inviting everyone who helped us along the years. For us, that means catching up with old friends and cohorts. For you, it means a time for socializing with your faves.

And bring your friends and fam too. You know we are.

3. We’re making a vibe

From the vendors to the sponsors, the musicians to the design, we’re doubling down in showcasing what our generation is all about.

4. Two words: new merch

Want to cop it? We’re selling limited pieces at the event.

Remember: Everyone is welcome. No cliques allowed. See you there. Let’s raise a middle finger to authority. Get your tickets right here.

Scout General Public is co-presented by Lazada; in partnership with San Miguel Pale Pilsen and Flavored Beer; special thanks to Gluta-C, Moringa O and Reef.



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