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Cutting your bangs is dead, long live rainbow bangs

During singer-songwriter Unique Salonga’s silent livestream with us, he asked: Sa sobrang bored niyo, ginupit niyo na ba bangs niyo? And he’s not the only one asking this question. 

Twitter urchins have been asking one another if they should change hairstyles while under quarantine. When life gets tough or if you’re bored out of your mind, shifting hairstyles can cross people’s minds (case and point: that one scene in “Mulan”). In everyone’s case right now—it is definitely both. 


Now, do we cut our bangs or shave our heads? The answer is neither. During this pandemic period, we’re giving you a new option: dying your bangs rainbow. 

Gone with the traditional Zooey Deschanel bangs, in with Halsey’s 2019 Summer rainbow bangs. This bold look has reemerged on Instagram’s beauty section. People have been trying out different rainbow dye jobs with their bangs, from side bangs to shaggy bangs. Don’t worry—this look is baby bangs-friendly too.

“It comes in varying levels of intensity, in addition to a full line for brunettes, and a brand new series for redheads,” says hairstylist Patti O’Gara to NYLON Magazine. “Again, always check with your colorist to gain their insight on what shade is best according to your hair goals or journey.”

Better than cutting your bangs shorter until you lose grip of reality. Also, don’t worry if you think this hair trend isn’t for you. The rainbow bangs trend is for everyone. It’s for curly queens, sleeky and straight homies, and wavy hair H.B.I.Cs. As the spirit of Princess Nokia’s “Mine” goes, this hair is yours and yours to play around with. It’s no one’s fucking business. 

Check out some fun takes on this trend. If you’re looking for a lockdown project, this might be it. 

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I cut my own hair today ?

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✨Grunge ?✨ Got to create this grungy French Bob. Another look I dreamed up and got to see come to life thanks to a talented team of creatives. Hair: @kxthrynrxsehair Color: @pulpriothair Style: @amika Makeup: @_marielalyse Photography: @noel_mcgrath Model: @jay_me_t711 #btcbigshot2020_haircutshot #btcbigshot2020_haircolorshot #btconeshot2020_creativecolor #btconeshot2020_unconventionalcolor #btconeshot2020_boblob #frenchbob #curlybob #razorcut #crafthairdresser #rainbowhair #rainbowbangs #prismhair #pulpriot #beautylaunchpad #grungehair #grungehairstyle #babybangs #fringe #bobhaircut #oneshothairawards #behindthechair #btcpics #modernsalon100 #ittakesapro #nyhairstylist #hudsonvalleyhairstylist #frenchhaircut

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