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The force really is with us: These ‘Star Wars’ games are on sale today

The force really is with us: These ‘Star Wars’ games are on sale today

Even if we don’t tell you, you already know it’s that day of the year.

We gather ’round our countless versions of R2-D2, turn our lightsabers on to honor the Jedi (and the Sith) and maybe rewatch our favorite parts of the franchise. Of course, telling our fellow “Star Wars” fans “may the force be with you” is still quite a thing.

To add to the celebration, online gaming stores are actually giving us something. According to Hypebeast, video game distribution sites Steam, GOG and Humble Store have decided to put some of the franchise’s classic PC games on sale.

Some of these are Knights of the Old Republic which is at 65 percent off and The Lego Star Wars at almost 75 percent off. To combat LDF with your fandom besties, you can also play the 2004 edition of Star Wars: Battlefront with them—all you need is GOG Galaxy or Steam (and some rapid shooter and saber skills). If the cast will have their own Zoom reunion, can we have it this way?

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