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Join Fern. in a ‘Groundhog Day’ glitch for his ‘Looping’ MV


If you identify with the DNAs of “Groundhog Day,” “Blood Punch,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,”  then you might just enjoy the ride of Fern.’s latest release (until, well, you find yourself grappling in the same situation.)

As part of his upcoming album “Dreamwalker,” Fern. recently released a new soulful R&B track called “Looping.” In the mood board-esque music video, the singer-songwriter, producer, and Kindredism co-founder keeps waking up to the same day—only to find himself wrestling with the same questions. 

“You so heavy on my mind / Bet you feel that all the time,” Fern. sings in his signature ice-cold, heartfelt vocals, the words coming off like a helpless confession. With significant post-it notes, a maze-like hallway, and his friends as his points of return, Fern. weakly manages the glitch in the timeline—as the lyrics suggest, a relationship going nowhere.

“I just wanna be your lover / I don’t wanna feel another / she don’t feel like losing all the time / When my heart is on the line,” he says, as he confronts the repeating faults in a dragging relationship. When you’re left exhausted in the same cycle, where do you go? We’re unsure too, but a plate of pancakes and bacon (see 2:33) would be a good stopover. 

“Looping”—written by Fern. and mixed by Sonny Zero—is out on all streaming platforms. Directed by Jaime San Juan and cinematography by Moses Webb, you can watch its music video below:

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