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TALA’s new single ‘Nevermind’ is an intimate look at words left unsaid

TALA’s new single ‘Nevermind’ is an intimate look at words left unsaid

Gather ‘round, folks: In today’s self-debriefing session, we’re confronting our feelings to a tee. And don’t worry, we already have a playlist for that—it starts when TALA takes it away. 

The singer-songwriter and anime superfan unraveled “Nevermind” today, Oct. 15, her latest single after the equally dreamlike “24.” But while this Fern-produced drop transports us to cotton candy-colored skies with soothing vocals and gentle pacing, it also does a double take at admitting when there’s an elephant in the room in a relationship. “‘Nevermind is out now… hope u cry on the floor when u listen to it lol,” TALA writes on Instagram


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In “Nevermind,” TALA sings of awareness about the uncertainty while being with someone, especially in lines like, “In between realities, I’m not sure what we’re missing / But I’ll be okay (if you are too) with acting like there’s nothing going on.” 

However, this wishful thinking reaches a point of believable exhaustion, shaping up a temporary retreat. “Nevermind / it was never mine / one day, but now nevermind.” For a title that suggests deliberate avoidance, this song actually does the opposite: Facing what needs to be faced, despite the shaky look of things. 

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Photo by El Manileño from TALA’s Instagram profile 

Single cover art by Una Gil



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