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Yup, you can play old-school Doom on Twitter now

Yup, you can play old-school Doom on Twitter now

Welcome to the bird app: soapbox, boxing ring, and uh… gaming console?

After Pokémon Red, a new game has arrived on the shores of Twitter: ’90s first-person shooter Doom.

Created by programmer Georgi Gerganov, @Tweet2Doom lets Twitter folks run the old-school video game simply by tweeting commands to the bot. They’re then translated to the bot, and it will send the user a video that shows the game’s progress. Players can speed through Doom’s levels by sending in more valid commands, which are all detailed in the bot’s pinned tweet.

To boot up a new game, users should reply to Tweet2Doom with “/play x,,e,,e,,e,,50-,50-u,15-f.”

Some players have successfully passed through whole levels. And if they do score right, they get a congratulatory tweet from Tweet2Doom itself.

If you’re up for a game, just head to Tweet2Doom’s profile with your Doom skills and a Twitter account. But if you’re on the hunt for more old-school games—that are unfortunately not on the bird app yet—here’s a free archive full of ’em. Get going, kids.

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