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An ‘Our Beloved Summer’ movie is coming this week (sort of)

An ‘Our Beloved Summer’ movie is coming this week (sort of)

If the sounds of your K-drama friend’s sobbing aren’t enough of a hint, the finale of “Our Beloved Summer” is upon us. But fortunately, there’s something to ease those post-drama blues: A special film featuring the cast.

As reported by Herald Pop via Allkpop, the special titled “Our Beloved Summer: The Movie” is set to premiere on Jan. 27, after episode 16, the series’ last episode, airs on the 25th on the South Korean network SBS. 

The finale will cap off the story of former teenage lovers and polar opposites Choi Ung (“Parasite’s” Choi Woo-shik) and Kook Yeon-su (“Itaewon Class’s” Kim Da-mi), who met in high school while filming a viral documentary. After a bitter breakup and years of silence, their paths meet again as adults when they’re invited to film a reunion project—cue disdain, angst, and a slowly re-sparking romance.

With several scenes in “Our Beloved Summer” revolving around the filming of their documentaries, fans of the series have theorized that the special film could be the end project itself. Herald Pop, however, reports that the special will feature “interviews with actors.” As to whether or not they’re in character, well, we gotta wait till the 27th to find out.

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