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Are James Reid and Liza Soberano prepping for a K-pop collab?

Weeks after Liza Soberano signed with Careless Music, the actress-singer was recently seen alongside founder James Reid and CEO Jeffrey Oh last July 4 at—surprise, surprise—the South Korean entertainment agency Starship Entertainment.

Although no further details were divulged, what we know is that Starship Entertainment manages K-pop idol groups such as Monsta X and IVE. Fans (us included) suspect that there could be a major collaboration.

Is it related to Liza Soberano’s debut project under Careless? A collab between James Reid and Jooheon of Monsta X? Maybe a long-term partnership between the two labels? No one knows for sure, but it probably won’t be long until either agency drops more information.

As if this potential agency partnership wasn’t enough though, James Reid also met up with Bambam from GOT7 and YG KPlus talent Junwoo Yoon. If ever the meeting was for a collab, then this isn’t the first time James worked with other Asian acts. He previously released “Hello 2.0 Legends Only” with Jay B (also from GOT7) and Taiwanese-American rapper Øzi.

For now, it might be best to prepare our hearts (and possibly, our wallets). You know… for safety measures.


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