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Your Sim can have a better high school experience than you with this expansion pack

Your Sim can have a better high school experience than you with this expansion pack

Ah, yes, The Sims franchise. What is it for but playing pretend and roleplaying fantasies, whether weird or not? Although, if you’re on the hunt for something more, say, YA coming-of-age-y than Discover University, then consider this: The Sims 4 High School Years.

Recently unveiled by Electronic Arts through the Sims’ social media pages, the upcoming expansion pack will let teen Sims experience the highs and horrors of high school.

While the base game lets players send their adolescent Sims to school, the new expansion pack will give a more firsthand experience, as users will be able to attend classes on the campus of Copperdale High, join clubs, hang out at the cafeteria, and even decorate Sims’ lockers.

And just like teen movies, there’s plenty of room for self-discovery. The EP will also cover moments like asking crushes out on dates, skipping classes, sneaking out of their parent’s house, and based on the trailer—experiencing body hair.

After-school spots such as local milk tea shop ThrifTea and mini amusement park the Plumbite Pier are also shiny new additions to the Sims universe. To tie it all up before university comes around, teen Sims will be able to attend their graduation ceremony and prom night (yes, promposals will be involved).

The Sims 4 High School Years will officially drop on July 28, with pre-orders starting today. And, here’s a plus: If you grab the EP before Sept. 8, you can also get the Vibing Streamer Gear Digital Content alongside it, which includes a wireless speaker, gaming chair, and LED panels. For your Sim, of course.

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